Do Nurses Ever Have Sex With Patients In Hospital?

The short answer to this question is no, nurses do not have sex with patients in hospital. However, the long answer is a complicated one. In fact, there are several incidents of nurse to patient sexual liaisons that have been reported in the past. The majority of these incidents occurred in the past ten years, when the Internet became accessible to most people around the world.

A few decades ago, nurses would visit the home of a patient, usually for a checkup or an exam. They would bring along a specimen bottle and lubricant for when they felt the time was right. Once in the home, they would perform an exam, either by unclipping your penis or by performing a clinical form of fellatio on the patient. Once they felt that you were comfortable enough, they might allow you to perform cunnilingus on them. If you did not feel comfortable performing fellatio on the patient, then you would simply carry out your duties and leave.

However, the Internet has changed everything. Today, you can carry out a discreet search on any number of websites and you will receive thousands of hits. What will you find? Thousands of stories from across the globe of nurses performing oral sex on men and women in hospitals and clinics.

Some of the websites that have received the most hits are those concerning nurses having sexual relationships outside their workplace. There have been reports of nurses having a relationship with patients who are visiting a doctor or who are visiting a rehabilitation center. In some cases, the relationships between these nurses and the visiting patients have turned sour because the nurses are suspected of using their position of trust to sexually benefit themselves. These cases have led to several lawsuits against hospitals where inappropriate relationships have occurred. Nurses have even been fired from nursing jobs for engaging in such acts.

It is easy to see why questions like these would be raised. When a nurse has been accused of having sexual relationships outside of her workplace, would her management be open to her claims? Would the hospital’s regulations be lenient towards such a claim?

To answer the question: Yes, nurses do have extramarital relationships outside of their work environment. However, these situations seldom happen with any great severity. It would be rare for a nurse to form an intimate relationship with a patient whom she has never met. Even if a relationship did occur, it would usually end with the nurse dumping the patient and returning to her own life. Such a relationship would also be inappropriate for a licensed medical professional to have with a patient who is in a rehabilitation facility. Therefore, the majority of situations in which a nurse might have sexual relationships outside of her job would be considered extremely inappropriate.


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